Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions

men-tor n. experienced and trusted adviser.

Mentoring involves sharing knowledge and, most importantly, real-life experience. That's what I intend to do in these mentoring sessions I will offer every Friday evening for an hour from 6pm to 7pm at Vineyard Gate.

I invite anyone to come. The cost is just a glass of the wine or saké that we will use to start the discussion. It's usually $12. From there the discussion can go anywhere that attendants would like to take it. I think you would be surprised how fruitful it could be.

Recently, the staff at Ruby Wine dropped by the shop on their day off. We tasted a bottle of saké, then they started asking me questions not just about the sake we were drinking but about saké in general. So I told them what I know and that started a half-hour or so of free-wheeling conversation about saké. Everyone was glued in. At the end of our conversation, one of the Ruby staff said that he understood more about saké in that short discussion than at any other previous time he talked to anyone about saké. I was really happy to hear this! That encounter encouraged to me to plan this mentoring sessions.

So be there at the shop on Friday 17th March at 6pm and let's help each other get the ball rolling!

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